Having your own private house gives you the opportunity to customize your place of residence according to your wishes, to choose the ideal location. Building a house is a huge decision, as countless factors need to be considered - the location of the house, the cost of building the building, the area of ​​the premises, the interior and many others.

What is a modular house from "Ekonordhus"?

Modular homes are built in a factory and delivered to the lot for permanent installation. These buildings are incredibly similar to

houses that are built on site, but the construction of modular home projects takes place in a shorter time frame. A typical modular home takes 6 to 7 weeks from design to final deployment. Modular homes are built in factories, so the construction process and timeline are controlled by our team. As a result, there is no need to worry about construction delays or similar setbacks – working with our construction team, you can get your dream home completed on time.

Modular house EKO FLEXIBLE


Building area: 30 m2   

Price:  from 1180 € / sq.m. (+VAT)

Modular house Comfort


Building area: 106.7 m2   

Price:  from 1180 € / sq.m. (+VAT)

Modular house Eko Cubus

Eko Cubus

Building area: 37.4 m2   

Price:  from 1180 € / sq.m. (+VAT)

Modular house OPTIMUSS


Building area: 60 m2   

Price:  from 1180 € / sq.m. (+VAT)

Modular house EKO CLASSIC


Building area: 24 m2   

Price:  from 1180 € / sq.m. (+VAT)

Modular house EKO STYLE


Building area: 25 m2   

Price:  from 1180 € / sq.m. (+VAT)

Frame House Value

Winter modular homes are a good investment for first-time home owners. Instead of looking for a pre-existing home, home buyers can choose a plot of land and build a home that meets their goals and fits within their budget. Modular home designs wear out slowly over time because these buildings are permanently installed just like site-built buildings.

Modular house owners can adapt their next home to their vision and needs. It is possible to develop a layout or improve your current construction specifications by learning more about the construction process. The dream of many families is to buy their own property in a short time with a complete finish, for which fully furnished 3-room modular houses are perfect.

A small house in terms of area inspires to be creative and create amazing design solutions to make the most of the space and adapt the spaces for a quality life. When living in a small house, residents consider everything they want and really need in the house, so single-story modular houses are ideal for lovers of minimalism and simplicity, where everything has its own place. The possibilities of modern modular homes are truly endless.

By choosing a modular house project, the owners get the opportunity to build a building in a place where it is impossible to get a building permit. Our team is responsible for creating the vision while the prospective owners select the land. Our specialists review the properties together with the buyer and explain the options based on national building codes and regulations


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